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Planet Ventures Inc. is a publicly traded investment issuer that is focused on investing in disruptive companies and industries with the highest growth potential.

Planet Ventures has established itself at the forefront of monetizing the already multi-billion dollar eSports industry, by investing in revolutionary eSports platforms and opportunities. Our leading eSports platforms link online betting, Social Media, influential athletes, and celebrities to evolve the gaming community to a new fully immersive and inclusive generation.

Leading eSports Platform & Technology
Tier 1 Gaming & Betting License
Social Media Advertising Platform
Influential Athletes & Celebrities

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eSports & eGaming

esports has been dubbed as an “explosive billion dollar industry“.

Learn more about this burgeoning industry.

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Our Investment Strategy

From new sectors such as the cannabis industry, to disruptive technologies like Blockchain, to massive, largely untapped opportunities like eGaming and eSports; Planet Ventures continues to be ahead of the trend delivering great value for its shareholders.

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