Planet is an investment issuer listed on the CSE that is focused on investing in disruptive companies and industries that have high-growth potential. Planet's unique portfolio-driven investment policies provide its investors with access to emerging and high-growth opportunities while working to shield them from any formidable downside with their diversified approach. Being well-capitalized to pounce on any opportunity, Planet is in a fortunate position as it looks to become a leading investment vehicle.



Planet Ventures is a public investment issuer that invests in multiple sectors including natural resources, e-gaming, energy and artificial intelligence. As an investment issuer, we look to capitalize on market and industry trends that can create substantial value for our shareholders. We look for opportunities all over the globe where we can leverage our knowledge, expertise, and experience to deliver substantial growth for our companies and our investors. The company’s strategy is focused on investing in multiple companies across a variety of sectors across North America.

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