The development of Lexagene Holdings Inc.’s alpha prototype remains on track and is scheduled to be completed by the end of November, 2017.

The company is following a phase-gate approach for product development. In phase I, which was completed in 2016, the company defined the instrument’s specifications. The company is now near the end of phase II, where each of the technical risks of the product is evaluated. Lexagene has conclusively retired the majority of these factors and is in the latter stages of evaluating each of the remaining tasks. Although more data need to be generated on these remaining tasks, the company is very pleased with its initial findings. Lexagene anticipates being able to exit phase II by the end of June, at which point the company will be able to claim that all the known technical factors have been sufficiently evaluated to progress on to phase III. In phase III, the company will focus on determining the optimal geometric placement of instrument’s components within its casing. Lastly, in phase IV, the prototype will be assembled and tested to ensure the instrument meets all the predefined specifications.

In commenting on the company’s recent progress, Lexagene’s chief executive officer and founder, Dr. Jack Regan, noted: “We are extremely pleased with the findings to date as our testing has yielded no surprises. We have hit all of our milestones and look forward to verifying the alpha prototype meets all the required specifications in November, 2017.”

About Lexagene Holdings Inc.

Lexagene is a biotechnology company developing the very first fully automated pathogen detection platform that is open access. The company expects to sell its technology in the food safety, veterinary diagnostics, water quality monitoring and aquaculture pathogen surveillance markets.

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