Dear Shareholders and other interested parties,

I’m writing to provide you a monthly update and share some news about our recent marketing activity.

We just returned from exhibiting at the Southwest Veterinary Symposium in San Antonio, Texas. The conference was a big success.

A common response when we told the attendees that our instrument would be able to process samples and return results on detected pathogens and antibiotics resistance genes in just 1 hour rather than their current 1-5 days, was… ‘wow, that would be great, can I buy one now?’.

It is very gratifying to listen to stories from veterinarians who are frustrated with the lack of information they have when they are making critical decisions regarding the care of their patients. They crave a technology that returns results fast and will lessen the instances of having a pet decline in health due to a poor prescription decision. Of course, they also want to avoid the angry and despondent pet owner that needs to pay for additional tests and treatment in these cases.

During the lunch hour, I presented to a group of very interested veterinarians who were engaged from start to finish. If you are interested in watching the talk it is posted to our website HERE.

We recently engaged Ethos Veterinary Health Group to conduct a poll with both veterinary clinics and hospitals and the response from the conference attendees mirrored the sentiment of these clinics that were polled.

The next conference we will exhibit at will be the Association for Molecular Pathology in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov 16-18th. This conference will give us an opportunity to engage the ‘open-access’ market.

We have also recently been written up in The Deal / The Street. This article can be seen read here.

Please stay tuned.

Warm regards,

Jack Regan
CEO, LexaGene