Lexagene Holdings Inc. has appointed Dr. Manohar Furtado, PhD, to the company’s board of directors. This follows the recent derisking and unveiling of Lexagene’s prealpha prototype for pathogen detection, which is scheduled to be completed at the end of November, 2017.

“Dr. Furtado is joining Lexagene’s board of directors at a pivotal moment for the company, as we are continuing to push forward with the building and testing of our first-of-its-kind prototype for rapid pathogen detection,” said Dr. Jack Regan, Lexagene’s chief executive officer. “As such, Dr. Furtado’s in-depth knowledge and experience across the human health and safety landscapes will serve us well as we come closer to completing our instrument and changing the future of pathogen detection as we know it today.”

Dr. Furtado has worked in the life sciences industry for over 30 years, with experience in discovery research, clinical diagnostic testing, product development and commercialization, mergers and acquisitions activity, fundraising, and strategy. He currently serves as president and founder of Biology for Global Good LLC and chief scientific officer and chief regulatory officer at Apton Biosystems. Additionally, as the former vice-president of research and development at Applied Biosystems, Dr. Furtado helped to build the company’s molecular diagnostics, genomic assays, human identification, food pathogen detection, animal health, pharmaceutical analytics, environmental testing and molecular medicine platforms, which generated over $500-million in revenue.

Dr. Furtado has also served as a business development consultant to Bio-Rad, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, DxNow, RxFulcrum, Sample 6, Apton Biosystems and Vibrant Biosciences. He was senior director for regulatory affairs at Cepheid and appointed to the National Biodefense Science Board by the former Department of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Previously, Dr. Furtado served as assistant professor of infectious diseases and pathology and principal investigator for the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University, director of the CLIA-certified virology laboratory at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and biotechnology lab director at Northwestern.

“My mission in joining Lexagene’s board of directors is not only to help drive growth for the company, but also to aid in the team’s efforts to bring Lexagene’s revolutionary pathogen detection system to sites in need all over the world as quickly and efficiently as possible,” added Dr. Furtado. “From food safety and veterinary diagnostics to water quality testing and even human pandemic prevention, these markets are in perpetual need of a fast, sensitive pathogen detection system that is easy to use and adaptable, as the status quo is no longer acceptable.”

Dr. Furtado has received several grants from funding agencies, published over 90 publications and presented at over 200 conferences on various topics that are related to human health and safety.

About Lexagene Holdings Inc.

Lexagene is a biotechnology company developing the very first fully automated pathogen detection platform that is open access. The open-access feature will empower end-users to target any pathogen of interest as they can load their own real-time polymerase chain reaction assays onto the instrument for customized pathogen detection. End-users simply need to collect a sample, load it onto the instrument with a sample preparation cartridge and press go. The instrument is expected to offer excellent sensitivity, specificity and breadth of pathogen detection. The instrument will be able to process six samples at a time, in an on-demand fashion, returning results in about one hour.

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