HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. has won its first contract in the state of Texas. HealthSpace will install and maintain HealthSpace CS Pro for the City of Fort Worth’s Department of Consumer Health Division. The contract has a term of one year for a value of $115,920 (U.S.) with annual renewal options.

The City of Fort Worth’s Department of Consumer Health Division is tasked with enforcing the Public Health Laws of the State of Texas and City of Fort Worth municipal ordinances within the city limits. Annually, it processes about 8,000 licences, resulting in about 10,000 inspections conducted and 1,000 complaint investigations. Additionally, training and certification of 22,000 students are provided.

HealthSpace president Joseph Willmott stated: “Fort Worth is our first contract in the state of Texas, and they are a significant client. We will be installing the new HealthSpace CS Pro cloud platform, released earlier this year, improving our ability to secure additional clients within Texas.”

About HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd.

HealthSpace is an industry-leading technology company currently providing inspection, information, communication and data management systems for federal, state, county and municipal governments.

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