HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. has signed its first commercial food and beverage SaaS (software as a service) contract with the LB Steak group in five locations. This contract will run for an initial 12-month term.

This is the first delivery of the HealthSpace Cloud Suite Pro technology platform to a commercial enterprise vertical. LB Steak evaluated HealthSpace’s technology and its prospective impact on its business group’s ability to gain predictability and visibility into its overall performance. HealthSpace Cloud Suite Pro allows for LB Steak to quickly and easily perform its regular quality checks on different facets of the business with the HSTouch app. This includes the ability to perform the same public health inspection that the regulating jurisdiction performs. This allows for LB Steak to easily identify any areas in environmental health or ambience that require attention and ensure the continued quality of its brand. LB Steak is currently utilizing the HSTouch product to perform its regular inspections and audits on its group of restaurants.

HealthSpace chief executive officer Peter Smyrniotis stated: “HealthSpace is thrilled to be working with the LB Group. Their restaurants, primarily situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, embrace complete transparency in how they source their steaks, chops, poultry and seafood. They serve locally raised natural poultry and lamb as well as sustainably sourced seafood in the most modern of locales. The LB Group are hallmark customers, and their decision to partner with us is a significant milestone for HealthSpace. In addition, we are pleased with the reception we have had from several other potential commercial partners in the food and beverage space and anticipate significant growth in this vertical in the coming year. I am very proud of the HealthSpace technology team on the work they have done in designing, developing and delivering our products to market.”

About HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd.

HealthSpace is an industry-leading technology company currently providing inspection, information, communication and data management systems for federal, state, county and municipal governments. Further, HealthSpace now delivers its government-grade technologies to private businesses, enabling them to gain visibility and predictability into their own organizations and move from a reactive to a pro-active operational status.

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