HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate with 1804 Management LLC in Needles, Calif., to expand the HealthSpace CS Pro technology platform to provide comprehensive environmental health, auditing, permitting and business management services to cannabis producers and distributors internationally.

This opportunity with 1804 is an exciting partnership which enables the HealthSpace team to take the company’s domain expertise in agriculture and best-in-class technology in inspection, auditing, reporting and data analytics into the highly specialized cannabis production and distribution vertical.

1804 Management is led by Drew Milburn, one of the most informed and respected members of the cannabis cultivation and retail market. With 1804’s guidance, HealthSpace will be refining its technology applications to align to the just-in-time inventories and lean manufacturing processes that power its business operations.

Mr. Milburn and his team have consulted with many state and local authorities throughout the United States over the last decade. They have also consulted with Health Canada, which runs the National Program for Medical Marijuana in Canada. Mr. Milburn has been asked to speak at many venues at which he was considered the expert in the field of both retail and gardening operations for medical marijuana.

HealthSpace chief executive officer, Peter Smyrniotis, stated: “HealthSpace currently designs, develops and iterates its technology for sophisticated multicrop management activities within U.S. states. The cannabis market utilizes several technologies to conduct business, such as seed-to-sale platforms, Internet of things (IoT) sensors and logistics management. There remains additional pain points and challenges in business management for cannabis producers and distributors, and HealthSpace’s robust technology offers the enterprise-class technology, service and support to deliver substantial value to this vertical. Cannabis’s explosive growth has made it an ideal new industry for HealthSpace to bring its technology services to bare.”

Further, Mr. Milburn commented: “1804 Management is excited to be working with the Health Space team in carving out what is sure to be an industry changer. Both groups are accustomed to being leaders within their respective industries and now working together we will continue that trend.”

The company also announces that it has settled a total of $216,900 owed to consultants of the company, in common shares in the company, at a deemed price of eight cents per share. A total of 2,711,250 shares were issued to settle this amount and have a four-month hold from date of issuance.

About HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd.

HealthSpace is an industry-leading technology company currently providing inspection, information, communication and data management systems for federal, state, county and municipal governments. Over the last decade, HealthSpace has successfully developed both enterprise and mobile Internet-based applications currently serving over 300 state and local government organizations across North America. HealthSpace currently offers the only integrated inspection, administration and analytics product suite across all platforms in North America. Further, HealthSpace now delivers its government grade technologies to private businesses enabling them to gain visibility and predictability into their own organizations and move from a reactive to a pro-active operational status.

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