Cucu Sports

A Revolutionary
Publishing Platform

A Revolutionary Social-Media Publishing Platform

Cucu is a mobile social media-publishing tool that provides major International brands access to millions of followers of the world’s most influential athletes and celebrities with a single tap on a smartphone.

Cucu has over 500 world-class athletes subscribed to their advanced influencer platform, including soccer stars such as Alisson Becker (Liverpool, Brazil), Douglas Costa (Juventus, Brazil), and legendary athletes such as Andrea Pirlo (Italy), Carlo Ancelotti (Italy) and Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus, Italy).

Partnering Major Brands to World Class Athletes

Cucu Sports easily and efficiently connects Major International brands to the social media followers of influential athletes and celebrities. With over 500 and counting influential athletes and celebrities currently on the Cucu Sports’ roster, Cucu’s reach spans to millions of engaged fans globally providing an ideal platform for international brands to achieve their marketing objectives.

Successful Advertising Campaigns Executed

Partnering Major
Brands to World
Class Athletes

Among the many successful campaigns run by Cucu, clients such as Mercedes Benz, William Hill, Ab Imbev, Quilmes, Disney, Vitality Prudential, have been partnered with athletes and international football stars that include Paolo Maldini (Italy & AC Milan), Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina & Fiorentina), Andrea Pirlo (Italy & Juventus), Tania Cagnotto (Olympic Diving Champion) amongst many others.

CuCu’s Marketing Edge

Over 500 World Class Athletes & Celebrities

Access To Millions Of Fans On Social Media

Compelling Business Model

Advanced Influencer Platform

Leading Management

Sergio Teubal


This is filler is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Contagious Sports Limited and Contagious Gaming Inc., both companies listed on the TSX.V stock exchange in Toronto. Collectively, he represents over 30 years of experience in the gaming, sports and TV media industries. He also created the virtual football gaming format “The Fantastic League.” Peter was Managing Director of a technology development company in the gaming industry and he was responsible for implementing new initiatives, including sales and marketing programs, leading a top-tier team of individuals based in London, Barcelona and New York.

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